Bixby Soccer Club

Makeup, scrimmage, or field useage policy

  • It is every coaches responsibility to familiarize themselves with the field usage policy as described below.
  • Coaches, parents, or players are not allowed to move any goals on game fields or practice fields.  There are no exceptions to this rule.
  • Coaches and teams are responsible to police their game and practice areas after use for trash.   
  • For any recreational or closed league makeup game, scrimmage, or other field usage request please fill out this form in its entirety
  • These Field Usage services are only available to currently registered BSC soccer teams.


  • Cancellation policy for officially scheduled games:  For all U8 and older games, we must have notification of cancellations no later than the one week (7 days) before the original game time.   We have referee crews that need to be scheduled and late cancellations will not be allowed unless under extreme circumstances.
  • Late cancellation fees:  U8 $15, U10 $25, U11 above 'Current BSC rates for Center Referee and two Assistant Referees'
  • ​If any away team cancels it is still your responsibility to inform BSC and Teresa Fox ASAP if it is a home game at Keas Field.  For U10 and above recreational and recreational select, please contact Teresa Fox.  


  • All field usage requests must be made at least 7 days in advance to give time for scheduling a referee and/or ensure field availability.   No requests inside the 7 day window will be approved.
  • No team can request more than one field usage per week or more than 3 in a month except for rescheduling league play games.
  • U9/U10 and above require uniformed referee crew(s) to be used for all makeup games and scrimmages.
  • Referees will be assigned by Board from current Bixby referee list.   In event a referee can not be scheduled a team may request the use of another currently certified uniformed referee.   Board must be informed of name and contact number of said referee prior to approval of event.
  • Teams requesting field usage are responsible for appropriate referee fees except for makeup of OFFICIAL games.  See Scrimmage Referee Fess list below.
  • Scrimmage: U15 thru U19 Rec or Competitive $60
  • Scrimmage: U13 Thur U14 Recor Competitive $50
  • Scrimmage: U11/U12 Rec or Competitive and U12 Rec $40
  • Scrimmage: U9/U10 Academy and U10 Rec $30
  • NO uniformed referee, NO Field Usage.   Teams can be fined and/or lose field use privileges.
  • All teams must be uniformed (no bibs allowed).   NO uniformed teams, NO Field Usage.   Teams can be fined and/or lose field use privileges.
  • U5, U6, and U8 do not require referees for makeup games but still must be approved using this form to ensure field availability.
  • Fields 1, 2, 5 are used for U5 and U6 games.
  • Fields 3, 4 are used for U8 games.
  • Fields 6, 7, 11, and 18 are used for U9/U10 (7v7) competitive and recreational games.
  • Fields 8, 9, 12, 16 are used for U11/U12  competitive and U12 (9v9) recreational games.
  • Fields 10, 12 large, 13, 14, 17 Large  and 19 are used for U13 (11v11) and above games.
  • There is no warming up in penalty boxes. Teams can be fined and/or lose field use privileges.
  • For any use of game fields you are responsible for all trash as result of use of fields.   Teams can be fined and/or lose field use privileges for not cleaning up after field usage.
  • For any use of game fields, coaches are responsible for ensuring that the parents of their players abide by all No Parking signs, which means no parking on any grass between 13 and 14 and no parking along North fence line.   Teams can be fined and/or lose field use privileges for not abiding by parking rules and vehicles are subject to be towed or ticketed.

Per our User agreement with City of Bixby Parks the use of game fields for practice, scrimmages, or any other use is strictly PROHIBITED without the written approval from BSC Board.   Any team found using the game fields without written permission will be fined $50 for first violation, $100 for second violation, and $200 for third violation.   Any third time violators will have to go before the BSC Board for further disciplinary action including possibility of expulsion from Club.


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