Bixby Soccer Club

Questions about Registration please contact our BSC Registrar

Teresa Fox or


If your child has not played for BSC, you are required to bring a copy of birth certificate for our record.   Your child must be 4 years old by January 1 of that play year in order to play.  


If you would like to be considered for a scholarship then you must bring your lunch letter that the school provides  you.   The scholarship cost is $50.00 for anyone who receives reduced or free lunches at school.   If you do not bring the required document for scholarship then you will be required to pay the full fee of $85.00.


We will have inperson registration and payment can be dropped off at our concessions during game days.

*No refunds of registration fees will be allowed after players are registered with Bixby Soccer Club, except in cases of financial hardship, medical reasons, a move by the player to an area outside the Club's boundary or failure of the club to place a player on a BSC team roster. Such refunds will be in the amount of one-half (1/2) of the registration fee paid, except in the case of failure of the club to place a player on a BSC team roster which shall constitute a full refund.   No refunds shall be granted after the first regular season game.   


Uniforms (red and a blue club t-shirt) are included in registration fees for U5 and U6 players.

All U8 and above players are required to wear the BSC approved uniform kit during each match.   These uniforms must be purchased from:

Gorfam Athletics, LLC

52nd and Mingo Road

Tulsa, OK 


Please do not wait until the week games start to order uniforms.

FALL 2024



GotSoccer sign up steps
  1. ​Family Setup--You will only have to do this the first time you register.  Please use an email address you regularly check.   If you forget your password, you will need your correct email address to recover.
  2. ​Player setup--Again you will only have to do this once for each player.
  3. Registration for the season--This contains the variable information for each player, school, grade, health insurance infor, emergency and medical contact information.
  4. Checkout by Mail--You may pay by Cash, Check, Money Order or request a financial waiver.   No child will be denied the opportunity to play soccer for financial reasons.

Celebrating our 47th Year.